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My card readings are not offered as a medium of fortune telling, but instead as a container for intuitive reflection on the messages the cards might have for your life right now. I offer this space as a healing, guidance, transformation, or empowerment session using the messages from the cards. Together we will collaborate on how you could benefit from their wisdom and direction, and we will discuss the meaning you can take home with you and apply to your life. It may feel like a mini coaching session towards healing, growth, and purpose.

Therefore, my card readings are not necessarily presented with traditional tarot meaning, but instead as a collaboration between you and I and the author of the deck. I also use many oracle decks, which read very different that tarot. Tarot cards have a more predictive energy, where oracle cards have more a of an inspirational guidance energy. I have many different card decks that I do readings with, each with its own unique message theme and energy to share. So we will collaboratively examine and reflect on the guidance and message from the author of the cards pulled, and the meaning behind them.

Image by Kayla Maurais

Tarot Card Reading +

Mini Life Coaching Session

25 min reading - $40

Image by Airis Noyer

Oracle Card Reading + 

Mini Life Coaching Session

25 min reading - $40

Choosing Your Deck

When booking your session, please identify which deck you want to use for your reading in the comment section. Scroll through the gallery above to view which card decks are available for readings. If you click on an image you will see the full picture and the key theme of each deck with the spread we will use. Please read this over to help you determine which deck calls the most to you for your current purpose of seeking a reading.

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