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Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Soul Purpose Spiritual Life Coaching BETA
Dharma Discovery Journey - $400 per month Membership

This coaching offering will be in the BETA phase for one year, so until May of 2025. At that point I will have graduated from my Dharma coaching certification program, refined every part of this offering, added more tools, and the monthly membership price will be increased.


I've outlined the "steps" of this coaching journey below, instead of sessions because there will be no set number of sessions. The duration will be dependent on how much time each client spends with each step. Any given step could take more than a full hour session, and many will take less. Therefore, this will be a monthly membership priced offering, instead of a set coaching series price. The Tantra coaching series' I offer are very defined with guided practices and the sessions are led by be. The Dharma coaching journey will be more client led with much more flow and flexibility with time.


The beta membership price is $400 per month; you will have access to FOUR one hour sessions each month to work through the steps. After the BETA phase, the membership price will increase to $500 a month, and you will additionally have access to the monthly Dharma support circle with other members. . When you are ready to begin your Dharma Discovery Journey, you will sign up through my booking page. You will be committing to the Dharma membership program until you have completed all the steps in the program, and will sign a coaching contract at your first session. This is an estimation or average of 2 - 3 months to complete all the steps.


I will create a binder of all your Discovery materials from each session as we go through each Dharma step, which you will get to take home once you complete all of the steps in the Dharma coaching program. This invaluable resource will be over ONE HUNDRED PAGES of your Dharma materials outlining your entire PERSONAL journey of discovery. It will serve as your roadmap to continue living your soul's purpose after all of our work comes to an completion. 

Discovering Your Dharma Coaching Steps

Understanding Dharma

Your Unique Dharma

Dharma Tools

Living Your Dharma

Clarity Assessment

Questioning Your Beliefs

Dharma + Money

5 Step Dharma Discovery

Your Dharma Themes

Dharma Dimensions

Dharma Routes

4 Dharma Paths

Dosha Quiz

Doshas + Dharma

What Others See

Dharma Archetypes

Shiva vs Shakti

Purpose by Human Design

Human Design Reading

Excitement Breadcrumbs

Astrology + Destiny

Astrologic Superpower

Tantric Numerology

Mediums of Expression

Past Obstacles = Service

Your Dharma Superpower

Uncovering Purpose Through Chakras

Chakra Reading

Dosha Chakra Opening

Dharma Tapping 

Dharma Embodiment Practice

Pitta Action

Facing Fears

Uncomfortable Truths

Dharma Blueprint

Visualizing your Dharma

Dharma Mapping


My Personal Dharma Journey

And the obstacles I had to overcome

I was always a free spirit growing up, but my family never understood nor supported my passions. Like may families, I was expected to do as they wished with my life and be just like them. I grew up in a conservative, Christian, farming family... and you may guess that I was the rainbow sheep (aka black sheep) in my family. I was expected to go to college to get a respectable degree, which I did in Nutrition. I was expected to get a normal job working for someone else so I could have benefits, which I did in a hospital for years... which I hated. I was also expected to stay close to home and not move away to discover better opportunities for myself... because that would be selfish. BUT I FINALLY DID! And I was shamed for it. When I started working for myself as a tantra coach and energy healer, I was hounded about getting a "real" job again for security... and respectability, regardless of my happiness. I don't think I need to say what my Christian family thought of me becoming an ordained Wiccan Priestess, an official Clergy member of the Wiccan Tradition. So I know what it is like to not feel supported, to have familial roadblocks to your dreams... But I also know what freedom and purpose feels like once you do the hard work and liberate yourself from what society expects you to do... It feels like BLISS! There are so many other challenges people can face in living their soul's purpose, but first you need to discover what it even is! And I am here to guide you along with both.

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