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"Welcome! I offer sexual healing, pleasure empowerment, and sensual awakening as a tantric sex therapist, through couples intimacy coaching, self pleasure coaching, plus conscious dating & relationship therapy."

Journey to Conscious Connective Intimacy through tantric practices.. A unique, spiritual, connective, and healing experience through live sexual coaching practices. Transform your partnered relationship or manifest and prepare for soulmate love! Options will deepen your sexual desire, enhance pleasure, heal sexual wounds, and expand sexual enlightenment.

This page is for live coaching series. GOING DEEPER INTO LOVE with Breath and Energy Work, Meditation, Sexual and Non-Sexual Connection Practices, Healing Tools, Communication Tools, Self Love Practices, Manifesting Love, Tantric Touch Education and Exercises.

Radical dating, sex and relationship therapy...a journey to conscious connective intimacy is frequently experienced with live sexual tantric practicesThese are mostly activity and practice based coaching series. Many sessions require you to feel comfortable being nude while guided through tantric exercises with sexual touch (to include only yourself and your partner, as your coach is never a participant in the tantric practices), in the presence of your coach. This work focuses on sexual or relational issues/traumas/blockages that may arise around and within loving connections and relationships. We will go over many tutorials of tantric practices that you will do for homework or in the session. These series are for those who have a desire to grow within themselves and in their partnership, and to work through whatever is holding them back from the deepest love and most extraordinary relationships of their life. Tantra is the ability to rise above worldly pleasures and desires and to connect with your inner energies. These coaching series will focus on all 5 pillars of Tantra practice, to help you connect sexually, spiritually and emotionally with your higher self and the universe, and to achieve a higher level of self-acknowledgement. During these sessions, your coach will provide hands-off guidance through various practices. You will be guided through a series of exercises aimed to deepen your understanding of the Taoist Tantric path as it relates to dating, sex, and relationships. These exercises are playful, connective, sensual, thought provoking, intimate, and will help you develop your own Tantric practice with your partner or your higher Self. These sessions have live sexual tantric practices (**) Payment Plans are Also Available

Deep Dive Into the Spirituality of Sexual and Intimate Connection
For those who do not need healing, but want a spiritual journey through Tantra, learning profound principles, philosophies, and sacred sexual practices. Has many sexual practices.
Five - 2 hour sessions $1500

Session 1. Awakening Consciousness and Sacred Body**

  • Tantric Breath

  • Chakra Yoga Flow

  • Third Eye Activation

  • Eye Gazing

  • Fears, Desires, Loves

  • Chakra Lovemaking 

Session 2: Tantric Philosophies and Principles**

  • Intimacy Activator 

  • The Bubble

  • Lingam Massage

  • Yoni Massage  

Session 3. Tantric Sex Practices**

  • Soul Gazing 

  • The Reveal

  • Sensational Play

  • Sex Alchemy

Session 4. Keys for Better Sex**

  • Sex Love Spirit Breath

  • Valley Orgasm 

  • Full Body Orgasm

Session 5. Sacred Sex Principles**​​

  • Primal Sacred Sex 

  • Spirit Lovemaking  

  • Sex Magic 

HOLISTIC Approach to Dating, Preparing for SOULMATE Love, and Calling in the ONE
For individuals ready to deeply prepare themselves for, and then find their perfect partner. Learn a holistic approach to dating.
Has some sexual practices.

Seven ~ 90 minute sessions $1150 

Session 1. Dating from Self-Love

  • Upward Spiral of Love

  • Breathwork and Orgasmic Nature

Session 2. Calling in Love

  • Seeing and Being Seen

  • Connection and Commitment

Session 3. Clearing the Way

  • Supporting Heart and Inner Child

  • Ending Unhealthy Patterns

  • Integrating Blockages

Session 4: Dating from Power

  • Embodying the King or Queen

  • Heart & Soul Centered Dating

Session 5. Manifesting Desires

  • Dating Yourself

  • Inner Sexual Alchemy

  • Dating from Pleasure**

Session 6. Dating Essentials

  • ​Personal Dating Code

  • Dating Plan Self-Practice

Session 7. Soulmate Love

  • Breathwork for Soulmate Love

  • Sex Magic for Cosmic Love**​

Healing Connection & Sexual Discovery
For couples who want to heal their relationship and connection to their partner. Then focus on transformative sexual discovery experiences. Has some sexual practices.
Seven - 2 hour sessions - $1600

Session 1. Finding Clarity

  • Five Senses Reality

  • Relationship Assessment

  • Couple Bubble

Session 2. Communication Tools

  • Holding Space Training

  • Listening, Pause, Breath

  • Different Angles

Session 3. Connection Tools

  • Eye Gazing

  • In the Arms of My Love

  • Heart and Belly Breath

  • Sacral Support

Session 4. Deep Healing Practices

  • Breathwork Journey

  • Meet My Inner Child

  • Healing at the Root

Session 5: Healing Continued..

  • Core Wound and Core Need

  • Clearing Past Relationships

  • Sexual Assessment

Session 6. Exploring Intimacy**

  • Sandboxing

  • Sex Breathwork

  • The Edge / Kink

Session 7. Tantric Intimacy**

  • Pussy Massage

  • Penis Massage

  • Holistic Sex Tools

Deep Dive into the Spirituality of Self-Pleasure and Sexual Energy
For those who want a spiritual journey through Tantra, sacredness of self pleasure, the philosophy of tantra, and sacred sexual practices.
Has many sexual practices.

 Five ~ 1 hour sessions $750 

Session 1. Awakening Consciousness and Sacred Body

  • Tantric Breathwork

  • Chakra Yoga Flow

  • Third Eye Activation

Session 2: Tantric Philosophies and Principals**​

  • Full Body Orgasm

  • Valley Orgasm

Session 3. Tantric Sex Practices**

  • Sex and Spirit Lovemaking

  • Primal Sacred Sex

  • Sex Magic

Session 4. 12 Keys for Better Sex**

  • Solo Better Sex Practice

Session 5. 6 Sacred Sex Principles**​​ 

  • Solo Sacred Sex Practice     



Integrative Healing for Love, Sex & Relationships HYBRID Course

(Please note that this course is offered differently than the live in-person courses above.)

Are you looking for something more foundational? Don't know where to start on your journey? Or even what the underlying issue or problem might be? But you do know that you have healing to do... This series addresses issues, traumas and blockages around sex, love, and relationships in a holistic, integrating, and liberating way. This methodology uses breathwork, sounding, movement, mindfulness, and energy in a science-backed container, holding people in safety so they can thrive through the transformative process.    

Ten Weekly Modules $600

**This course is booked through the ONLINE Tantra Courses page, and is done partially online and partially with me via weekly video calls.**

Module 1. Identify Goals

  • The Desire System

Module 2. Identify Limiting Beliefs

  • 5 Senses Reality

  • Mind/Body Mapping

  • Exploring the Body/Mind

Module 3. Liberating the Family Dynamic

  • Mother/Father Transformation

  • Genital and Belly Breathing

Module 4. Embracing the Inner Child

  • Integrating the Inner Child

  • Breast Massage/Testicle Massage**

Module 5. Creating a Thriving Sexual Ecology

  • The Ecology of Thriving

  • High Vibration & Ecological Nervous System Support**​

Module 6. Manifesting Desires

  • Feeling Worthy and Deserving of Your Desires

  • Sex Magic or Embodied Breath Manifestation**

Module 7. Finding Emotional Empowerment

  • Meeting Your Emotions with Loving Presence

  • Liberating the Sensations

Module 8. The Power of Intentional Self-Pleasure

  • The Holistic Sex Practice**

  • Full Body Orgasm and Trauma Release**

Module 9. Journey to Self Discovery

  • Exploring the Unconscious Networks

  • Resting in Eternal Wholeness

Module 10. Vibrant and Healthy Relationships​

  • Gaining Relationship Clarity

  • Purge and Witness​

"The Tantric way is open to all the richness of human nature, which it accepts without a single restriction." The Tantric path unites apparent opposites into totality or oneness, including: sexuality with spirituality, masculine with feminine, playfulness with depth, relaxation with stimulation, meditation with experience, and the shadowy parts of ourselves with the light of conscious awareness. The Tantric path is a path of healing those distorted places and freeing the pure life-force energy so that we become pure manifestations of our true divine Self.

Before developing a Tantric sexuality, we often need to heal some old patterns and beliefs. It is important to bring healing and awareness to the root area of the body as it holds the potential of the life-force energy that can power up the rest of our body and our lives! The negative messages we receive as children about sexuality often block the energy flow. It is not only about freeing the sexual energy, but also channeling it. Sexual energy is closely connected to nature and our own naturalness. Sexual energy is our creative force.​

Tantra is based upon an understanding that the universe embraces both duality and oneness, honoring individuality yet acknowledging a unifying principal. Everything is Sacred. The path of Tantra is about being able to see that. Tantrics act in a way that makes space for sacredness. Desire can be a path to the Divine. By meeting desire with full loving awareness, we can return to a state of our original innocence. Use polarity to attain unity. Tantra works with the attraction of opposites, in presence of love to create unity. Sublimate sexual energy. A core practice is to learn to raise sexual (Kundalini) energy up through the whole body, from sex to superconsciousness. Transfiguration. This is the ultimate aim in Tantra; to see the Divine in and through everything. 

Benefits of Tantra 

Increased awareness of life

Nourishes your body and brain

Improve your mental state

Connect with your Divine self

Teaches you patience and perseverance

Improve blood circulation

Unity of the Universe and our body

Benefits of Tantric Sex

  • Getting more of what you want in sex

  • Releasing sexual blocks and shame

  • Finding healing from sexual trauma

  • Awakening your sexual energy to flow freely within your body

  • Accessing your fullest pleasure and desire

  • Tuning into subtle energy

  • Discovering full-body and/or multiple orgasms

  • For people with penises, delaying orgasm or experiencing non-ejaculatory orgasms

  • Experiencing a new level of heart connection with your partner, a profound sense of intimacy, and loving presence

  • Longer lovemaking sessions, relaxation, and a quality of spaciousness

  • Enhanced communication and communion

  • Holistic mind-body-spirit connection with yourself and with your partner


"I signed up for the 6 week Conscious Dating program with Nimue, and it was truly transformative! I have struggled in my dating life for a long time, and Nimue helped guide me through exercises and prompts to identify some areas that have been holding me back. Each week builds on each other with new prompts and exercises. The program helped me gain more confidence in who I am and what I have to offer. It has definitely changed how I date, but more importantly how I have learned to love myself first. I have tools to better understand dangerous situations before I get myself into them, and how to recognize when someone is showing trustworthy signs. I would *highly* recommend this program to anyone, not even just single people."

- M.M.


“I just finished 6 sessions with Nimue. They were wonderful. She is open and accepting. I learned so much helpful information and did new exercises I had never done, that helped me dig inside and understand myself better. The sessions were also fun, erotic, and pleasurable. I highly recommend doing sessions with her. Your life will be better and you will love the time spent sharing and learning. I never felt judged and shed a great deal of the shame and guilt I lived with."

- Bob Brown

“Nimue was a delight to work with. I never thought I could engage sexually with my partner with someone else in the room, but her demeanor made it easy to be open. She helped us see new and different ways to connect sexually. We had a lot of fun and she helped us get closer.”

- OA

“Life Changing! There are no words sufficient enough to describe our time with Nimue. My wife and I spend 6 incredible weeks in her Enlightened Lovers series. She took our intimacy to the next level. In almost 30 years of marriage, my wife and I have never felt more connected, and our intimate life has never been so amazing. Nimue is engaging, accessible, non-judgmental, caring and an outstanding coach. She created a safe and fun space. My wife and I will be back for another series. THANK YOU NIMUE! You are a blessing!!!”

- Joe Mac

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