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tantric sensual massage chico ca


With a Certified Tantra Wellness Practitioner

These Tantra massage sessions are primarily designed for those with sexual healing needs who struggle with sexual dysfunction, limitations, issues, blockages, traumas, etc.. A pre-requisite online course is required before booking.

Yoni Tantric Healing Massage

Women: 60 min - $250

*Completion of this online pre-requisite course is required before booking a Yoni massage: Women's Pleasure Empowerment*

Lingam Tantric Healing Massage

Men: 60 min - $250

*Completion of this online pre-requisite course is required before booking a Lingam massage: Men's Sexual Awakening*

I am open to accepting conscious and mindful clients whose intentions for this sacred work align with mine, those who hold the same value for the healing and spiritual benefits as I do. I work with those who are seeking healing from trauma, physical pain, or numbness. Those who seek to clear energetic blockages causing feelings of emptiness or disinterest in their sexuality, or a disconnect from their energetic body causing a lack of sensation or arousal, or have a physical sexual anatomy issues. Also those who have experience with tantric studies and are seeking a facilitator to create and hold space for further sexual enlightenment and spiritual erotic awakening.

Yoni is an ancient tantric term used to describe a woman's sexual organs or vagina, literally meaning 'Womb' in Sanskrit. It is the aniconic representation of goddess Shakti. Lingam is used to describe the penis, it means ‘Staff of Life’. Lingam is the term for the Hindu god Shiva as represented by a phallus. The art of Yoni or Lingam massage is not to bring a person to orgasm, but to let them relax and be the receiver of healing energy and pleasure, hopefully achieving a higher state of consciousness and wholeness. 


Although the aim of the healing session is not to achieve an orgasm, it is possible for a person to become highly aroused resulting in an orgasmic climax. The intense sexual pleasure will be felt throughout the whole body, not just around the genitals. The Yoni and Lingam tantric touch sessions focus on promoting healing, and the pleasure that is gained is purely a side effect of this modality. This session is so much more that an erotic massage or a sensual massage; those simply seeking a basic "happy ending" will be amazed at the deeply expanded experience and pleasure one may receive from a tantric sexual healing massage.


These Yoni and Lingam healing sessions focus on removing energy blockages that are caused by a build up of toxins/traumas and when these are removed sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual health is vastly improved, as the energy is able to flow around and through the body. This session is relaxing, stimulating, erotic, blissful, healing, exhilarating, liberating, and will leave you with a great sense of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being, whilst experiencing a sensual arousal and heightened sexual pleasure.​

**Every session begins with 15 minutes of discussion on the philosophy of Tantra, and your healing intentions for the Yoni or Lingam massage; followed by education on Tantra and the inner Tantric practices or meditative work you will be embodying. Be sure you understand that while you will be fully nude in these sessions, your massage practitioner/coach/healer will always be fully clothed. This is NOT a mutual touch session.**

"Dharma is our true path, or highest purpose. Our whole life flows with ease and grace when we are living out Dharma. Kharma is created when we are living from ego and unconscious patterns. There are Tantric practices that use sexual energy as a fuel to activate our highest purpose. When many people start to live their highest truth, then a unified field is generated. It is a field of creativity and love. When Dharma is present, it feels as if we are acting in complete accord with the universe. It is as if a powerful unseen force is sustaining our efforts, endowing them with potency."


"I visited nimue for a tantric bodywork session and Thai massage. The massage was good and involved some deep stretching. The tantric session was mindful and conscientious and was in line with the traditional and correct view of cultivating masculine energy (not wasting it). It has been difficult to find a true tantric practitioner but Nimue is the real deal. Thank you."


"The lingam massage from Nimue was heavenly; Unlike anything I've ever experienced before. The heights I reached, the spiritual nature of it, the climatic experience, the longing, the energy, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life..."  


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