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Integrative HEALING for Sex, Love & Relationships HYBRID Course

  • 20Weeks
  • 56Steps


This coaching method is a philosophical approach to sex, love, and relationships. It is liberatory: we invite people to free themselves from their limiting beliefs and conditioning and to trust that the greatest sex, love, and relationships exist for them when they are living in deep alignment with who they are at the core. It is holistic: we work with all levels of the nervous system and the primal, limbic, and cortical brain. I coach logically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. It is integrating: we are free from the paradigm that we need to be at war with ourselves, and instead, invite people to trust that all parts of us are conscious and alive. Our transformation comes from bringing all parts of ourselves into integrated and deep alignment. This course uses breathwork, sounding, movement, mindfulness, and energy in a science-backed container, holding people in safety and resourcing so they can thrive through the transformative process. The goal is desire-based outcomes. I work with people on what they desire in sex, love, and relationships. I focus on each client’s desires and goals, determine what is in the way of those, and support them through deep transformation to move through those blockages. In true Tantric fashion, I honor that desire brings people into deeper alignment with who they are. They get powerful results and they become more true to themselves in the process. This invites people to maximize their potential, and that is called thriving! This course partners with a client in a loving, supportive, and compassionate way to create a safe container for transformation, that results in greater self-love, integration, and self-realization, while staying focused on the client realizing their desires and goals in sex, love and relationships in alignment with their original essence. THIS IS A HYBRID COURSE PARTIALLY DONE ONLINE AND PARTIALLY DONE WITH ME THROUGH WEEKLY VIDEO CALLS. I ALSO REVIEW & RESPOND TO EACH MODULE ASSESSMENT.


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