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Women's Pleasure Empowerment

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The Feminine Sexual Arts work directly on your body to reawaken your hormonal health. These arts boost your natural state of self-love and unlock the wellspring of desire and sexual joy within you. They allow you to create a new habit of pleasure, which in turn brings your body into an optimal hormonal, biological and energetic state. The “pleasure zone” is that space after you get turned on but before climax is so full of pleasure. However, most of us are skipping right over that pleasure. We’re rushing through sex, or judging ourselves for taking “too long.” When you take all of your time, and really cultivate the “pleasure zone” in your sexuality, you are retraining your brain for the habit of pleasure. The course is all about keeping you in your pleasure zone. All these tools and practices make the natural embodiment of pleasure possible. I’m not promising it’s going to fix everything in six weeks – that would be silly. But I can say that it gives you lifelong ways to relate to your body and to embrace your sexuality that can help you to feel greatly connected to yourself... and able to love yourself more as a woman. Not to mention pretty incredible orgasmic states! Igniting your passion will help you feel... ~Naturally confident in your own skin ~Able to create deeply fulfilling orgasms ~Magnetic and radiant, with or without a man! ~Able to orgasm without specific stimulation or fantasies ~Enabled to keep passion alive in any relationship This course is for you if... You want more passion in your body and less stress You want to break out of limiting sexual patterns and set off your orgasmic fireworks You want to try out full-body orgasms, breath orgasms and multi-orgasmic orgasms! You want a body that is bursting with pleasure You are done looking for happiness outside, and are ready to find the source within You want full confidence that you are a truly amazing lover You want tools to release insecurities and fears and build more love inside


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