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Men's Sexual Awakening

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Are you thinking: I want to be the best lover she’s ever had I want to re-awaken the desire in my marriage I want to avoid sexual decline with age I want to heal a sexual issue, like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation I want to attract a higher quality women I want to have spiritual experiences through sex What if you could master sex techniques that gave you a powerful experience of inner freedom AND made you a total sex-god? This is the training you need to have total confidence in the bedroom, and is given step-by-step so you can be the most incredible lover she’s ever had. This training is the kind of potent personal practices that will take layers of sexual repression, limiting conditioning, or shame out of your body, allowing you to experience the primal power and freedom that you were born to experience. You'll learn how to master the sexual foundations of: BREATH, SOUND, MOVEMENT, FOCUS, ENERGY Each of the foundations holds a key to unlocking your sexual power! What will this training show you how to do? ~Experience multiple orgasms ~Expand and harness your sexual energy ~Feel more in control of ejaculation ~Feel a deeper, primal power awaken within you ~Increase testosterone level ~Drive any lover wild with pleasure And it will really focus on liberating you to be the man you’ve always wanted to be in the bedroom! She’ll be blown away if you show up present, centered and in your power sexually. Instead of inspiring you to be in your masculine, I’ll be giving you very strong tools that will allow you to release whatever holds you back—mentally, physically and emotionally—in the bedroom...unlocking the true masculine within you. Your raw masculine power is inherent in who you are. This will allow you to remove anything in the way of the deepest, most real expression of your masculinity in the bedroom and in life. The hottest sex comes when you unleash yourself from all ideas and plans and express your raw primal power with love and presence!


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