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Legendary Lovers Sexual Journey

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Sex takes commitment, dedication, and skill to experience fabulous sexual health in the bedroom, especially in a long-term relationship. That’s what I’m going to offer you in this course: the inspiration to stay dedicated, and the practices and tools to use with your lover to cultivate some epic sexual skills. I’ve broken down epic sexuality into six exciting components that will inspire you to awaken your sexual capacity and explore new edges of pleasure together. Experiencing legendary love is based on exploring six types of sex. Each will provide a different yet essential flavor to your lovemaking. In this course, you’ll experience… Sensational Sex: ~ by enhancing your explosive sexual sensitivity Electric Sex: ~ by learning to create sexual electricity and passionate chemistry using your breath and sexual turn-on Wild Sex: ~ by ridding yourself of sexual blockages and embracing your impulsive, instinctive, and primal sexuality Tantric Sex: ~ by using basic rituals, meditations, and esoteric knowledge to experience the fascinating world of sacred sex Kinky Sex: ~ by bringing power play, edginess, and fantasy into the bedroom and experiencing the rush of pushing boundaries and exploring taboos Enlightened Sex: ~ by letting go of control and embracing polarities in the bedroom to bring one another to your intimate, erotic, and soulful edges I’m here to encourage you to approach sex as a dynamic space in which to explore your edges, your fears, and your greatness, and as a place to give your full attention and love. When you approach sex like this, it becomes an adventure, and your lover is a partner in this exquisite co-creation – it doesn’t get boring, it becomes more exciting the more advanced you get. This course is for the courageous, awakened, and bold lovers who are not satisfied with the gray zone of predictability, but who are willing to actively seek meaningful relationships, profound experiences of the heart, and extraordinary sex lives.


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