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Sex Love & Intimacy Coach
Sex love and Relationship Coach
Online Sex Therapist

I deeply invite you to claim a pleasure based life of Conscious Sex, Radical Love, and Evolutionary Relationships!
Blessed Be,
Lady Nimue

DHARMA is your Soul's Purpose from all of your lifetimes! Find TRUE joy and fulfillment. Discover and LIVE your dharma through Astrology, the chakras, Human Design, your doshas, and the Dharma Blueprint... with my Dharma Discovery coaching membership program.

Why The Wise Witchling?

I am a 2nd Degree ordained Wiccan Priestess, continuing on to my 3rd and final degree for High Priestesshood. My divine feminine archetype is the Sage or Wise woman, so my dharma is to study and learn so I may share my knowledge with those that seek guidance. My Human Design Profile is 6/2, the Role Model Hermit. The hermit is considered the Guru with innate gifts of knowledge, energy and wisdom who hides away until they are called out by others. The Role Model is the Sage or wisdom keeper or "the Buddha" who is here to teach and guide inner work, and to demonstrate the highest potential of consciousness on the planet.

Sacred Sexuality
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Tarot and Oracle Readings
Tarot Cards
Self Pleasure
Chakra Balancing
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Relationships and Dating
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Soul Purpose Life Coaching
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